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All the partners and collaborators of OpenERP Spain, Freelancers, programmers, commercial, implanting companies are the ones who make this site.

We welcome all of you who want to be part of our community.

Conditions to appear on these pages as an OpenERPsite collaborator:

  • Send logo, data, link and brief description of your company, which summarizes the services offered on OpenERP.
  • Send name and reference link of at least one successful case of an OpenERP implementation in an end customer.
  • Send at least one news item, publish a manual in classroom, either free or paid, or demonstrate active participation in the OpenERP community.

Below we show a map of the collaborators who have actively participated on this website so far. We hope shortly that this map is complete with attachments and we invite you if you are part of the OpenERP community, let us make you visible in this space.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is likely that if you send an email with technical or functional questions to the emails shown in this list, it will not be answered. I remind you that for this purpose the openerpsite forums have been enabled and there are also the forums of the official OpenERP page. Additionally remind you that you can consult or contribute to the mailing list of the localization group [email protected] any questions, improvements, suggestions or modules on Spanish localization.