Install OpenERP on Ubuntu 9.04

I think my experiences from yesterday and today are worth a post on openerpsite.

A few months ago I wrote about how to program python on windows. Someone who started with ms-dos is talking to you and has known all the versions of windows from 3.11 going through several up to XP (for me the best) until reaching the horrific and aberrant windows vista. It’s been many years of using the same environment that you’re already used to, you know and control yourself, to move on to the unknown world of linux from which I’m currently writing this post. OpenERP is free software and as such it moves better in its waters. For months I have verified over and over again that errors that I got (UTF-8 type) when downloading or importing anything that had accents, even modules that did not work did not happen to colleagues who are on linux. Another problem that I was encountering was the Server and Client updates. The addons are installed well and work more or less, but to update the server and client, having things packed in zips and others, I have not found a solution to the updates, therefore there was no other than to uninstall everything and reinstall it with the consequent waste of time. All this has finally convinced me that you have to jump into the pool and yesterday I finally made the decision.

As a total newbie, I’ve already done some hazing that I think those of you who are going to try are likely to commit, so here it goes. Please linux experts refrain from having a laugh with this.:)

First… the CD. That you know that the latest version at the moment is 9.04. I made the foolishness of downloading an 8.10. Total, it sounded like Chinese to me one or the other. In the download, you download a file that is .iso. This file must be recorded on a CD. Later, you start the installation program from the CD. No need to restart the computer, no need to do anything more than access the CD and start an autorun. I imagine that Windows users do not want to format their PC (the time will come… ) for now, installing it on a hard drive partition that allows you to boot both Windows and Ubuntu has been ideal for me. Then, you select the DEMO button and that’s it. It installs and boots itself.

Now… before starting, save the default user that you have on the PC. The installation will take that user by default and the first time you log in it will ask you for a password. If you put an intro without more, you do not enter. And if you don’t remember the password that you put in the installation, which is what has happened to me… the first thing that comes to your mind is to reinstall it again, but I found this somewhere on the internet and it works :

  1. You restart the computer.
  2. When you get the option [esc] press escape to enter the menu
  3. Select the one that says (Recover)
  4. It boots you in command console mode. Put this:
    • ls /home (this displays the default username let’s say pepe)
    • passwd pepe (assign the password you want)
    • shutdown (you restart in normal mode, in the menu you select normal ubuntu without recover)
  5. When restarting, you already put the user and password that you just put and you enter the Windows-type visual mode.

The latest version, version 9, already comes pre-installed with openerp-server and openerp-client. You just have to activate them. To do this, go to and follow the installation manual in ubuntu step by step. In the last entry of the manual, it is stated how to install the default version of Ubuntu, which also installs all the necessary libraries. It’s four steps and it’s super well detailed. Let’s say it’s like an allinone on Windows, but on Ubuntu. Thank Jordi and Alejandro for the contribution of this manual!!! The only thing is that ubuntu 9 uses python 2.6 (I just found out too) and openerp still runs on python 2.5, so in the manual it says how to start the openerp server with python 2.5.

Finally, I am downloading the branches of the latest launchpad versions. To do this, follow what Fabien says step by step on the official website, here:

Here a little problem when lowering the branches.

To download the latest sources and create your own local branches of OpenERP, do this: bzr branch lp:openerp

It gave me this error:

bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /%7Eopenerp-commiter/openobject-addons/trunk-extra-addons/.bzr/smart: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

It occurred to me that it could be due to having the openerp server started. Don’t ask me why, but stopping the server and running the bzr command again went great.

And here I can read. I will continue telling you about my experiences but for now, it is proving to be easier than I imagined. Also, it has a great windowed desktop just like Windows… I guess the day will come when I can handle commands. For now, that’s fine.

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