Cloud ERP 2022

New OpenERP case study: Hag Color, Color Management

From Avanzosc, we announce this week the start of the Hag Color project, Color Management with OpenERP and the connector with its Zencart Online store.

Hag color offers color management services for both businesses and individuals who want to get the most out of display devices and screens. Among these services are the installation of applications, calibration of monitors, creation of icc color profiles, linearization, rip installation, color testing, training and consulting.
Within the services of creation of icc color profiles of printers have the service called net profiling, by which the client has the possibility of doing it remotely reducing costs.

Your color and image management services can be broken down into several areas:

Cloud ERP 2022

  • Color management: calibration of monitors, creation of icc input and output profiles, linearization of plotters, machine simulations, service creation of icc profiles – icc net profile
  • Training: Training courses – training
  • Consulting
  • Printing: color testing, giclée digital printing
  • Color tests: ISO 12647-7 and ISO 12647-8 accreditation for contract testing and validation testing, efi colorproof XF/eXpress installation – color testing system
  • Efi Training

Hag Color Implementation Project: OpenERP with Zencart connector

The project began in May 2011. The complexity of it was that Hag Color was already using a proprietary management system and required the migration of most of its teachers and accounting data to OpenERP.

On the other hand, its main objective was to be able to have a unique tool for the processing of orders from its online store, without having to carry out its management by hand in duplicate, first in the store administrator and then in its management system.

Since 2009, OpenERP had a connector for Oscommerce stores that in Avanzosc we have been expanding and improving its functionality throughout 2010, but until the Hag Color project, no customer had requested the adaptation of the connector to a Zencart store. However, after the first tests against a replica store we saw that although it would involve some effort, the same Oscommerce connector could be adapted relatively easily to its Zencart store.

Launched, these have been the phases of the project:

  • May:
    • Installation of the test environment. First technical tests of integration of the connector with Zencart online store.
    • Data analysis for migration. Export of old system data.
    • Analysis of functional management requirements.
  • June-July:
    • Training in all areas: Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, Billing, Accounting, Projects and Services, Configuration and control of the OpenERP connector with Zencart.
    • Data Migration Testing to OpenERP
    • Technical adaptation of the connector to Zencart.
    • First integration tests.
  • August:
    • Vacation
    • Pre-start tests.
    • Debugging latest migration technical fringes and connector
    • Connection with real store.
  • September:
    • START of the project last Monday the 12th. Today Iñigo his manager confirms that they have “turned off” the old systems, that they are already doing all their management with OpenERP and gives us free rein to publish this post.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Amaia and Iñigo, who have perfectly understood the philosophy of free software and without any resistance to change have been involved to the maximum and dedicated to start their project as soon as possible. I invite you all to visit its curious online store where you can find all kinds of products and services related to color.

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