New openerpsite collaborator in Vitoria-Gazteiz

Every time we are more. I am pleased to announce a new openerpsite collaborator in Vitoria (Solid Rock IT). Welcome to the community!!!

I am sending you the e-mail received from Iñigo Kintana, manager of Solid Rock IT.

What have we done?

  • At Solid Rock IT we use OpenERP 4.2. for project management and billing
  • We have implemented OpenERP 4.2 for project management in a client
  • We have expanded some modules, the most notable being the holiday module. We have developed it with a PFC (final project) with Aitzol Egia, a student from the EHU/UPV

What do we want to do?

  • Vacation module broadcast: broadcast the PFC with the vacation module. We have the ASI, DSI doc, installation and user manual revised as well as translation. I need to take one last look at the code. We want to put everything on our BLOG but of course we are interested in spreading it so that the community can use it.
  • Adaptation to OpenERP 5 : the bull has caught us with OpenERP 5 and after a quick test of the vacation module it gives an error. We should review it and try to publish it.
  • Continuous OpenERP training at the EHU/UPV : I am a part-time professor at the EHU/UPV in Technical Management Informatics in Vitoria-Gasteiz. In the PFC for the OpenERP vacation module I have acted as project and company manager at the same time. I think that OpenERP is ideal both for PFC and as a practical example of a Management Information System (one of the subjects I teach is Information Systems). I would like to be able to create a stable training structure at the EHU/UPV on OpenERP. Obviously the students, the EHU/UPV, the community and the companies would benefit from it. Being able to have companies that want to carry out PFC or show interest in the tool could streamline the slow bureaucracy of the EHU/UPV.
  • Profile of Solid Rock IT Integrator/Systems : Although we develop and do it well, where we are really good is in global vision due to our experience as architects/systems integrator. We talk about us on our website but you can find out more about us on our LinkedIn profiles and http :// . We are also members of ESLE .
  • Collaborations : of course we are open to collaborate to make more strength.
  • Delve into the use of and customization of OpenERP : accounting, project management… Integration with other tools….

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