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Here I include a post that we have written in the professional forum “infovalles” that offers computer services,


For those of you who are in the process of research, like me, here are my reasons for deciding on OpenERP.

It is OpenSource – so there is no license fee.
Stable project with a future – The project is supported by a very large and very active community, for a long time. This makes it a reliable application that provides improvements and support (lots of documentation on the web).

Multiplatform – Symbol that it is made from solid principles and foundations.

Functional Aspects
In this sense, it was what made me decide definitively for OpenERP. I have been using Factusol (on windows) for 4 years now. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a long time, but neither Abanq, nor Facturlinex, nor Bulmages, much less OpenBravo, gave me the solution I needed. Either very simple or extremely complex for a simple company management, but with mobility and different distribution points.

eTiny – Web Client
In my case, I do computer services and I have a small shop / workshop. I needed the counter application but that I could also use in the services at the client’s company, to be able to make the delivery note or invoice there. With the web client I have the solution.

The number of modules offered by the application is impressive. Financial Management, Warehouse, Services, CRM, Email Marketing, Tracking Incidents, Projects, etc etc etc…
With what, it allows me to do all the financial management, carry out the commercial monitoring of the client, and follow the incidents effectively. ALL IN THE SAME PLACE!
Until now, I used Factusol to carry out the financial management and SugarCRM to monitor sales and incidents, projects, tasks…
With OpenERP I have everything in the same place. It makes it easy for me to back up and reinstall the system if I had to. I think having all the company’s information in the same place and managing it with the same system is the goal of any company.
I have visited many, and the dispersion of documents and procedures is incredible, which in most cases leads to duplication of data and processes. (Insert clients in the management program and in the commercial monitoring program).

Client – ​​Server
And really. With Factusol to make a client from an external network you would have to set up a VPN and some stories that you don’t see. With OpenERP, the server is a server. So to configure clients (either windows or linux) and the data in the same place (centralized).
In my case, my mother has a craft store, so I can put the server with 2 companies, mine and my mother’s, and she can use a client for counter sales. In this way I can help you with the management and make the most difficult processes myself.

Virtual Store
And this was the auction!!! I’ve been trying for years. We even tried to make a data migration module from Factusol to VirtueMart. And we almost got it, but did it make sense? get data from access to pass it to mysql? Factusol has the option of a virtual store, but it is ugly ugly, in my opinion, and there is no community behind it, only a company that has made its free distribution program (not open source) to enter the market.

OpenERP has integration with Magento, VirtueMart and Oscommerce.

And this is where my doubts begin…
I know Joomla and Virtuemart well. I don’t like oscommerce very much. And Magento looks prettier than Virtuemart. What I have to choose?

Well, I’m still struggling with the system, let’s see what else I can tell you. My challenge, go from version 4.2 to 5 and keep testing!

As I agree 100% with your opinion, I thought it was important to share it on these pages…

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