Photos, Videos and conclusions of the openERP conference in Vilanova


Jordi announces the publication of the photos and presentations of the Vilanova conference. Soon they will also upload the videos for those of you who couldn’t be there.

Here is your email:


Inform you that the transparencies of the
presentations of the II OpenERP Conference held last week in
Vilanova i la Geltrú are now available:

There are also a few photos of the event. Sorry Pedro, but
we don’t have any in which your two papers appear, I guess
the photographers only had ears to listen to you. In the next few days,
when Àngel and Bernat process the tapes, we will also upload the videos.

I hope that those of you who went liked it and those of you who couldn’t
can now consult this material.

All the best,

Jordi Esteve
Consultant Zikzakmedia SL

By the way I take the opportunity to tell you my impressions and conclusions about the conference.

The organization was splendid. Both the distribution of the program, the duration of the presentations, the active participation of the attendees who in each intervention asked many questions, even the Friday dinner was unbeatable. Although I have already transmitted them to you personally, my most sincere congratulations to the entire organization and thanks to the participants.

I endorse Pedro’s congratulations to the Spanish localization group for the magnificent adaptation work they have done altruistically, from openERP to Spanish legislation. As was seen in the open points and upcoming tasks, despite the work done, there is still a lot to do, but I hope that this time we can be more of us who collaborate with the team.

I missed Kettle’s presentation. What a pity. The migration of data from other systems to openERP is one of the hottest topics because this situation occurs in the vast majority of implementation projects, whether large or small. I look forward to uploading the video so I can watch it.

Another important topic was that of Jasper Reports. As seen, you can get any report format knowing how to configure the template in Jasper. Congratulations to Nan for her work in this regard.

Pedro… What to say about the number of improvements that have been included since 5.0 for both the user and the developers. Noteworthy is the demo of creating new custom fields, the possibility of creating independent, portable and installable modules in other databases without typing a single line of code, directly from the user interface.

Jordi… battle partner in classroom ERP and in the integration of openerp with an online store. Despite some problems with our ghost product… I had a great time!!!

And to all the rest Nacho, Santi, Susana, Albert, Angel… (and many that I am leaving behind) who are contributing their professionalism and good work to the project, we hope to continue along this line, improving, contributing and contributing to the dissemination of openERP and giving the best quality of service that can be given.

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