General services offered by the different member companies of the OpenERP community:

Comprehensive OpenERP consulting, process reengineering and custom developments.

  • Study, analysis and optimization of company processes (independent of the implementation of OpenERP). Process reengineering.
  • Installation of OpenERP on your own server or in the Cloud.
  • Openerp consulting and training in management areas (purchasing, sales, billing, logistics), HR, CRM, Document Management, User Management, Projects and Manufacturing
    Training “tailored” for companies or individuals. Creation of personalized courses based on business needs, remote or face-to-face training in functional areas of OpenERP.
    Realization of custom developments for OpenERP.

Phones: 677934259 – 943 02 69 02

[email protected] – [email protected]

Avanzosc, S.L. B20875340

Julio Urkijo, 32 20720 Azkoitia Gipuzkoa

Consulting, training, functional assistance:

  • Avanzosc, S.L: Ana Juaristi.
  • Abartia Team

OpenERP installation:

  • OWN SERVER mode: Avanzosc, Zikzakmedia, Nan-tic, Pexego, Ting, Trey, Acysos, Domatix
    SAAS modality: Avanzosc, Zikzakmedia, Excale solutions

Linux server technical maintenance:

  • Zikzakmedia, Nan-tic, Pexego, Ting, Acysos, Domatix
  • Maintenance fixed monthly fee resolution of bugs (limited to number of tickets or hours dedicated)
  • Maintenance version updates, fixed monthly fee
  • Zikzakmedia

Comprehensive maintenance for hours dedicated:

  • Telephone service by mail or phone, bug resolution, updates, maintenance, custom module programming
  • Avanzosc, Nan-tic, Ting, Pexego, Trey, zikzakmedia (Upon request for a prior estimate), Acysos, Domatix

Custom module programming:

  • Avanzosc, Pexego, Nan-tic, Ting, Zikzakmedia, Trey, Acysos, Domatix

Programming of Jasper Reports or others, to measure:

  • Avanzosc, Ting, Zikzakmedia, Pexego, Nan-tic, Trey, Acysos, Domatix

Data migration:

  • Avanzosc, Pexego, Ting, Nan-tic, Zikzakmedia, Trey, Acysos, Domatix

OpenERP connector – Oscommerce / Zencart online store:

  • Advancesc

OpenERP connector – Magento online store

  • Zikzakmedia, Acysos, Domatix

OpenERP connector – Spree online store

  • Ting

OpenERP connector – Treyshop online store

  • Trey

ZOOOK online stores

  • Zikzakmedia, Domatix