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Who is OpenERPsite admin?

Well… I think the time has come to discover my identity. In this post I am going to tell you the reasons why I have been hidden and have not offered my services as a freelance OpenERP consultant, neither in my forums, nor in any of the posts written so far on this website. Even in my blog the mentions of OpenERP are minimal and until today my CV has not been updated. You will also have been able to verify that despite being the promoter of this website, my name did not appear on the Us page where all the collaborators are. In order for you to understand my reasons, you have to know a little about the history of how my entire journey with OpenERP and the world of free software began.

For several years, I have been making online oscommerce stores and during some of them I have actively participated in the official forums, something that I must return to because lately I have quite abandoned it. Every now and then a post would come up where people complained that there was no real comprehensive management system for online stores. In response to this demand from the people Jordi Oller , Guru of Oscommerce in Spain and personal friend, started this post in January 2008.

At that time I was a consultant for Sofinsa, a company that implements a proprietary ERP and whose manager I mentioned this need. But they are not dedicated to the Web world and trying to connect an Oscommerce store with their software did not seem attractive enough to start a new line of business. Therefore, I began to evaluate other alternatives, including those that Jordi comments on in his post. And there I discovered tinyERP. In 2008, it was tiny and not openERP. I installed it and began to see what possibilities it had, but very occasionally since most of the time I was traveling due to my obligations with Sofinsa and on weekends I had enough with the Oscommerce stores. So tiny was a possibility,

In August 2008 I had a personal interview with Pedro Tarrafeta from Acysos. I just wanted to see Tiny’s possibilities firsthand. The subject was left without further ado in a pleasant meeting where we exchanged impressions on ERPs in general and the difficulty of implementing anything in free software in the Spanish market. But the ties were beginning to harden.

In November Pedro Tarrafeta announced an OpenERP technical course for January. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I signed up for the course and started to really take OpenERP seriously on my own. The more I learned about OpenERP the more I was impressed by its possibilities, in fact it amazed me in such a way that I set up, opened the forums, published what little I knew at that time in an attempt to help others who were just starting out and started to train seriously on my own in the different functional areas it covers.

In these, I casually entered a very cool store whose manager Alex, once the store was up and running and with a fairly significant sales volume, urged me to implement a comprehensive management system. I told him about OpenERP. I showed it to him and he loved it. Another of my Clients Pedro from also signed up for the experiment, and we got down to it. We agreed on the construction of the connector adapted to my avanzosc stores and we improved the existing connector with Oscommerce published by Axelor. The construction of the connector with avanzosc was assumed by Alex from Planetronic and Pedro from e-nuc and we contracted its construction to Jordi Esteve from Zikzakmedia .

Meanwhile, once again my good friend Jordi Oller recommended me to give a talk in Huesca at the online store fair in March on the integration of an online store with a comprehensive management system. It was an experience that I really enjoyed and where I met a lot of interesting people. In April, the OpenERP conference was organized in Vilanova where I also acted as a speaker presenting openerpsite and the connector with Oscommerce.

And in these, I was still a consultant for Sofinsa, so in deference to them and especially to their Clients, and avoiding that my activities related to OpenERP could harm them in any way, I decided that it was better to keep my identity hidden as far as possible. the possible. For sofinsa Clients, I have continued to be only a Sofinsa consultant and, for my part, it will continue to be so.

I was a 100% Sofinsa consultant until April 2009 when, due to various personal circumstances that I tell about on my blog, I decided to take a month off. In that month the events precipitated. I met Susana from Abartia Team who offered me a collaboration agreement between her company and mine. In addition, my relationship with Jordi Esteve expanded since we jointly organized the OpenERP syllabus and courses in Vilanova, I carry out consultancy work for its Clients and we share the preparation of content and the maintenance of together with Raimon.

Implementing an ERP cannot be done by one person. This requires a multidisciplinary team that at this time I can say that we already have. On the one hand, a commercial area is required, in this case covered by Abartia Team. On the other hand, it is essential (as I have already said in many posts on my personal blog) a consultant with experience both in the tool and in the business processes of the area that is going to be implemented (that figure would be myself) and finally a team technician who performs custom programming (if necessary), supports bugs and can offer a reliable installation and subsequent maintenance contract ( Until being part of this team, one cannot launch to implement an ERP neither free nor proprietary in any Client and today I can say that we already have this team. Therefore, despite the fact that I continue to be a Sofinsa consultant sporadically when I am required, I believe that the time has come to make myself known and offer my services openly.

If you launch to implement OpenERP in your companies, you want to evaluate it or you require training, consulting, maintenance or installation services, here we are for whatever you need.



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